About us

Ever, people wanted to be surrounded by beautiful things that inspire and meet the spiritual experiences. An important role is house, work or rest place, which can be personalized by inspiration, color, texture and quality. The key is the correct choice of curtains. There are dozens of ways to create a composition to a window. For this, “Draperii Lucia” owns and offers a wide range of canvases, accessories, rails. Here we propose consultations that will help you easily to imagine your future home. From rustic to modern, from simple to sumptuous, from traditional to avant-garde. “Draperii Lucia” can satisfy the most demanding needs and expectations. Main guide in all the years of activity are and will be represented by quality canvas, quality production and a good design.




Our Services:


  • consultation and design;
  • correct and professional measures;
  • design, production (“lambrichene”, moldings, decorative panels, puffs, Roman, Japanese, French, seat covers, tablecloths, etc..);      
  • decor from canvases selected here;
  • curtains production and accessories for houses ,ceremonyhalls, restaurants, offices, schools, kindergartensand othercomplex;
  • installingrails,Roman aluminum frame, railsinmodern, classic, rustic, wrought elements, etc..);
  • deliveryto the recipient.




“Draperii Lucia“ offers high quality canvas. Curtains made from:


  • Organza;
  • Semiorganza;
  • Microvual;
  • Kapron;
  • Jaccard;
  • Flax;
  • Fibers.


The canvases can be unitone with embroidery, with printed designs, with woven designs, matte or glitter, printed in profile, stamped with fine satin or with flax. The curtains can be made based on center, in Romanian style, French style, Japan style. All of canvases are good for kitchen curtains too. Light canvases can serve as some addition to the decoration and the light curtains.



Curtains made from:


  • Flax;
  • Taffeta;
  • Spandex;
  • Bag style;
  • Satin style;
  • Jaccard;
  • Sinil;



The curtains can be decorated in fabric or unitone (without picture), as can be matte, transparent or completely to stop the light of the day, light or heavy, etc. Curtains can be woven from many components as: taffeta + spandex, taffeta + sinil, satin + sinil, jaccard + sinil, etc. The canvas for curtains serves as side curtains of the window, the elements of decoration, the making “lambrichene” , sewing in Roman style, Japanese style, puffs, chair covers and tablecloths.